With over 30 years of custom home construction experience, Rudi Loeffler, Owner of Global Construction Maritimes, has the experience to build homes of every shape, size and budget in any community with a trusted and skilled team.

We focus on everything from the building lot, excavation, to the smallest finish detail, ensuring we build a quality home with lasting value. Global Construction Maritimes is recognized for both their energy efficiency and innovation. All of our homes are covered by a 7-year Atlantic Home warranty. We use established technologies and building practices that exceed the industry standards. With a variety of enhancements and upgrades, our homes achieve Energuide ratings that far exceed the industry norms. We have constructed Passive homes, by Passive Home Solutions. With only 18 Truly Certified Passive homes in Canada, Global Construction Maritimes have the recognition of building two of them. The home building process should be exciting and enjoyable. We are proud of our friendly, hands-on approach to new home construction and we are truly passionate about what we do. We look forward to building many more beautiful homes for years to come.

Our entire team is focused on making your dreams a reality; from concept to completion. We have built and renovated homes around the world. Though the styles can be different, what remains the same is our commitment to you, the customer. Leave all the work up to us as we implement your vision.

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